Never be a superhero…

Oh no who wants a flat car battery when they have work tomorrow… then knocking a candle off and getting wax all over the laminate flooring…not the best when all I want to do is relax!

Oh well at least I have found that I have downloaded a song that I ‘heart’ from a fellow blogger before I went away that I had forgotten about.. check it out on itunes it’s called ‘Super Hero’ you’re going to love it! It is the soundtrack to his girlfriends blog tour travel video and reminds me of adventures..let me know what you think!



I’m home!!!

As some of you will remember I have been to Oz for two weeks for work! What an AMAZING adventure! I am rather suffering from jet lag today and can’t see me venturing much further than the sofa and the coffee machine! (Oh how I have missed my magical coffee machine!) Why don’t hotels have coffee machines in each of the rooms! It only costs around £35.00 to get one if you buy on an offer and the pods come out at 50p at time and with the buying power of hotels i’m sure they could get an even better deal… the 5* hotels have them the 4*’s need to raise their game!

So hence why I haven’t written for two whole weeks! In between working during the day and cramming in the sites of Sydney during the evening and weekend there hasn’t been a spare moment! It also kind of felt like the odd hastily put together post on the move wouldn’t really do the adventure justice. So look out for some lovely Sydney news in the coming weeks..

Lots of lovely social things coming up to a 40th birthday glam fest to look forward to and then my holiday to Miami and Orlando woo hoo! It’s going to be a busy few weeks! I will also draw the competition and hopefully start a new one in between all of the craziness and mayhem!

I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs and news!

Map of Australia

Map of Australia


Final day in NYC

I know it was yonks ago I went to NY (Easter) but I didn’t want to end the chapter! The final day was spent hoofing it round a number of areas we hadn’t yet had chance to see…

So much walking was done that my espadrille pumps were completely worn out by the end of the day! I saw Carries apartment and hung round outside you almost half expect her to come out even though it is very clearly just a set and is actually someone’s home! Other girls hang around outside taking pics and marvelling at the iconic steps! The Friends apartment which has a restaurant (red building) below, it and looks like any other apartment building but I was sooo thrilled to get the chance to see it! I also bought a pen in the Kardashian’s Dash store.

Some of my favourite things within the day were seeing puppies (but not nice seeing them in cages) people with a skipping rope in the park offering anyone the chance to jump rope. The lady who jumped rope for 5 mins then announced she was on her lunch break and had to get back to work what a cool way to spend lunch! The group of people with blow up sofas and refreshments bd a cardboard sign offering ‘free chat!’

Let’s face it New York is just so damn cool! A selection of pics below and I’m going to save one last post for the final night in New York!








Knutsford gem!

A few weeks back I wrote about a great lunch in Knutsford at Gusto but I didn’t share all of the pics at the time so here they are in all their glory! I totally love the fried courgette probably the most unhealthy way to eat courgettes but it is immensely tasty!

How delicious do the cocktails and pud look too! They were as good as they look!













A bit of a random one but do I have any readers in Sydney?

Now a bit of a random post! I am going to Oz for my day job in marketing in 2 weeks (to Sydney). I have one friend in Sydney but typically I am going as she is back in the UK…we will catch up in my second week but I will have a whole weekend on my own.
The weekend of the 2nd and 2rd of August..

So I thought I would do a quick post in case I have any readers in Aus who fancy dinner/a drink on the Saturday night.
I know this is a little random but I thought why not! When I go to UK blogger events or marketing networking events I have to go on my own so it seemed worth a mention!
Thanks for reading xXx

Top Trainers

There are some immense trainers around at the moment and they have had a real make over! So here is my guide to my favourites around at the moment or coming soon!

First Adidas Farm collaboration, these are just so pretty! They are inspired by Brazil and fuse vibrant colours with inspirational prints…

My fave is called the ‘Gazelle OG’ and at present they are in the sale there are three colours and I love all three!


I love the indigo shorts and sweatshirt too!

Next up are trainers that are not launched yet but I totally LOVE the concept! Adidas are really coming into their own this year with their trainer ideas and collaborations. I also adore their range with Stella McCartney. So these new trainers are only ones that you can personalise! Personalisation has been around for a while as a trend but with these trainers you are only going to be able to put an instagram print on them! I am already day dreaming about what picture I would use, the problem is going to be picking one!

Adidas instagram

Finally my Nike brights, these have become real wardrobe staples and just make me smile! Amazingly comfortable and brightening the most boring of gym outfits. They are gym wear elite! You can also personalise your Nike trainers by picking colours and coloured laces! Super cool!


What is your trainer of choice?


Fabulous 40 for one of my besties…

Had a wonderful nightout last night for my friends 40th… we stayed at The Hilton on Deansgate in a room nice and high up on the executive floor with an AMAZING view of the city! 

We were all at our ‘swankified’ (a word I invented in Australia) best! With sparkly shoes and our nicest ‘frocks’.

(Pics to follow soon!) Dinner was at my favourite San Carlo which is always glamorous and busy..I had my usual which I need to stop having, chicken caesar salad and a side of zuccini. 

Next stop my first time at the bar at Manchester House. Again wow what a view! We are spoilt with amazing bars at the moment in Manchester and this could be easily my new favourite. A really chilled Ibiza vibe for the music and an outdoor balcony with heating. The decor is sleek and leather booths overlook Manchester. Every detail of the venue has been cleverly thought out and it is uber cool. 

Our next and final stop was Neighbourhood where there was live musicians playing and a fab DJ that looked like Will I AM.. all that we were missing was somewhere glam to dance so if anyone has any suggestions for next time drop me a note..

Happy Saturday readers! xXx






Summer fun

Sorry I have been quiet for a few days it has been super mega busy! I am going to Australia on Friday woo hoo! So lots of preparation to do for that and then when I come back I have a couple of weeks and then off to the US so I will have lots to tell you! I have also just had been a mega lovely weekend. Friday we were invited to a BBQ at our friends in the countryside we had really tasty lamb koftas (home made by our friend who used to be a chef, sausages and burgers and eton mess courtesy of Waitrose.. Saturday I was at the most beautiful of weddings and Sunday was lunch for my dads birthday and delivering his new birthday present a bread maker (I am hoping for lots of lovely home made bread!) I will share some pics in the coming days and all of my exciting news from Sydney! Don’t forget to enter the Mr Sherick’s competition on my blog for July!


Things I just won’t wear!

I have just had a nomination to write about this subject from the lovely lady over at

Now at first I didn’t think I would be able to find 15 things as I am pretty open minded when it comes to fashion but as I started to type I started to think of things…so here we go and let’s see how many we get to!

1) First up ‘the scrunchy’ I used to wear these in the 1980’s with my purple tracksuit or lilac jeans. A fabric ugly hair thingy it came from the 80’s and it needs to stay there!


2) Let’s talk neon! I saw a lady wearing in Manchester city centre with a beautiful shift dress about 3 weeks ago and asked her where she bought it today mine arrived. I opened it and was immediately dismayed! It was bright orange! For some reason it didn’t look that bright on the lady but maybe it was because I did notice her constantly as I walked around Marks and Spencer. I’m sad because I wanted this dress sooooo much but I just can’t do bright to the point of being neon. We saw another lady in the city a couple of weeks ago in the brightest dress I have ever seen I can almost feel my eyes hurting thinking about how bright it was! Not only was it a little on the inappropriate length side (not wanting to be judgemental but you do have to be realistic with what looks good!) but it was also fluro! It was head turning for all of the wrong reasons so second is neon coloured clothing!

3 and 4)

Everywhere I went recently I saw these heinous shoes…now I love shoes but the sparkly, prettier, daintier the better. What even are these shoes? Now I know A LOT of peeps are wearing them at the moment so no offense if you are rocking these bad boys but for me…in fact no I haven’t even got a place where they need to stay…they need to stay in the box or in the shop…that’s all! This covers point 4 as well because they are also jelly shoes. I bought some once they are sat in the bottom of the wardrobe 4 years later as I can’t bring myself to take them anywhere…even on holiday!

Jelly shoe

5) Now if I could get away with it I probably would wear hot pants but A) i’m not a size 4 and B) I have hips… with hot pants it’s more a case of I can’t rather than I won’t but the next level of hot pant is those where the persons posterior hangs out at the bottom and they are most certainly on the won’t list so they fall in at number 5!

6) Zebra print.. i wore it once in the nineties, it hasn’t been fashionable since, enough said! Zebra7) Cut out clothing, whoever told anyone they look good in dresses with massive chunks cut out lied! The only person who I ever saw carry this off was Cheryl Cole. I generally think ‘just don’t do it!’ with this look.


8) Designer logo pun t-shirts…they’ve just been done now…i’m just over it with these…

9) Beanie hats..they just don’t work for me.

10) Shiny PVC urgh! There is just something wrong about the fabric Christina Aquilera was rocking 10 years ago!


So there you go I didn’t quite get to 15 but maybe challenge me with a few ‘trends’ to see if I have forgotten something that you think I just wouldn’t wear!

P.S if you own any of this it’s all a bit of fun, fashion and us all loving different things is what makes our fashion world the wonderful place that it is so take my post in the spirit that it is meant which is light hearted jest!

Thanks for reading! I hope I’ve got you thinking on this fine Thursday! What would you never wear?!! xXx


Eating dinner with the sweet smell of lavender

When I added The Swetenham Arms to my restaurant bucket list I knew nothing of the gorgeous location in which it sits, nor did I know that this venue is steeped in history. There used to be a tunnel between the pub and the church across the way. When people were attending a funeral they would stay at the pub and now it’s said to be haunted! Whilst we were having a drink in the sunshine the vicar started ringing the bells which was really cool to see and I could also smell lavender wandering around the side of the pub there was a huge, beautiful field full of fragrant sweet lavender. It was so pretty and the sun was setting over the field as you’ll see in my pictures.

Clearly popular the pub garden was full. Dinner started with lush cheese and garlic bread. For main I had a salad and Mr CD a Sunday dinner our staple Sunday meal out faves! Normally we don’t have dessert but we’d not eaten all day so I had a Mille fuille which was really different as I’m used to them being shortbread or a lighter pastry but I still loved this version! Mr had yummy scrummy raspberry cheesecake.. everything here is completely fresh and home made I can definitely see why this place has been open for years and years! We will definitely be back I’ve got my name on a breakfast batch one morning in the summer sun.






















VB for Vogue

I love VB and adore her Vogue cover coming out on Monday… The team wanted to do something different to other shoots with Mrs Beckham and they certainly did! Think Hunter wellies, tweed and big flouncy dresses in the English countryside…

Your going to love it! Check out a wonderful behind the scenes shoot from Vogue on their website!


Super Sunday

My New Next Dress…. I bought a lovely dress on Saturday to wear for my friends christening on Sunday. It’s from Next and a great blue and red striped combo. I liked it as it’s a flattering A-line shape and a firm fabric that keeps its shape. Exceedingly comfy and will also be fab for work…I must be getting old as I am actually planning to (gasp!) Wear things more than once!

The dress is £45.00 and available now..

My earrings were £5.00 a couple of weeks ago from Next they are a knot.

The necklace is my Tiffany key that I got in New York i’m not sure on the price I think it was around £250 including the key and chain as they are sold separately.

Sunnies are from ASOS and are old.


Saturday summer nights are made of…pimms

I am staying in and relaxing this evening as my hayfever has been dreadful and I was late back from shopping! I’ve been forced to wear my glasses all day as my eye is sore..such a shame to not be able to totally relish in the outdoors with this gorgeous weather! Anyway I didn’t miss out as I brought a little of the outdoor living to our lounge. Pimms and diet lemonade this evening – lush! Added strawberries and cucumber, I was missing mint but it was actually really lush without it.

Do you have pimms with anything else? Let me know! Happy weekend lovelies! xXx



Aiden Byrne is making magic in Manchester

































I wanted to write the post to accompany my pictures after sharing the images with you as I think they tell an amazing story all on their own! This is one of the best culinary treats we have had in a long time and it was a complete joy of an evening.

Separately I will share with you my interview with Aiden but for now let’s focus on this fantastic foodie journey.

Manchester house is a ‘newbie’ on the block but there wasn’t any teething problems here. The whole experience was flawless. We were greeted in a reception area that could of been a reception of a cool hotel or apartment building. Instructed which floor the restaurant and bar were on we decided as it was mid week to save the bar and almost savour the opportunity to go back another time and go straight to the restaurant. Tonight was all about the food.

Manchester House was recently featured on a popular television programme where they showed a fascinating insight into this restaurant and also The French at the Midland Hotel.  So much work went into this new restaurant concept and from the programme you see the commitment to the experience and to making it a success.

I adore fine dining but our best experiences stem from locations where we are made to feel at home at ease in the surroundings and able to talk freely to the waiting team. The right notes were hit at Manchester House the staff are fabulous, warm, welcoming and down to earth just like the 3 Michelin starred Daniel Boulud in New York.

The best restaurants have a real buzz about them and I really loved this here. It was a Tuesday night and completely full with plenty going on for people watching. The chef’s table is right in front of the open kitchen and a fabulous idea. Aiden cooks every evening and talks to the guests at the chefs table.

So many of the top restaurants no longer have the ‘name’ above the door cooking there and this makes it refreshing that Aiden is here day in day out working his magic with the same steely determination and passion.

The cocktail menu is one of the best I have seen, they have thought of every cocktail and I know I will love the bar when we return.

Now for the best things about this amazing menu!

Here you could experience some dishes from the tasting menu alongside the a la carte. I wasn’t too hungry and therefore I didn’t feel like the full twelve courses but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to try some of the more unusual dishes. Fabulously Manchester House has even catered for people like me that can’t make up their mind between menus, how great.
You can start with 4 courses from the tasting menu then move to a traditional starter, main and dessert and this is exactly what we did.

The parmesan and onion brioche absolutely melted in the mouth and I loved the way you were encouraged to drink or taste the consommé in any way you felt comfortable.  For me the most beautiful course was the sardine crisp that looked like a fairy tale garden on the plate, too pretty to eat. My starter came with an edible egg which was incredibly realistic in terms of appearance.

I loved the way that one of the signature dishes was served. The Belted Galloway beef with edible sticks and stones (for two people) is like something from the Flintstones movie. Housed in a bone display with gravy in a horn and edible grey rocks alongside the cuts of meat, it is visually stunning. Each course is memorable and I will never forget it.

Dessert is always one of my highlights and my favourite course of any meal. Having seen it on the TV programme and as it is a Manchester institution I felt I needed to have the Manchester tart. It certainly didn’t disappoint and tasted divine. Aiden has created a modern version far prettier than the classic but with the same great flavours.

When you meet Aiden he is like the Tom Cruise of the chef world (and no I don’t mean he could jump on the sofa at any time!) I mean in the sense that he is genuine, kind and clearly loves what he does. He takes time out from cooking to speak to everyone who wants to speak with him and is like a long lost friend.

If Manchester house does not get a Michelin star it is a travesty. Every element is wonderful and unique. Every detail has been considered to make every moment you are there one of perfection in every way. The team behind this venture and working within it should be very proud.

I highly recommend a visit be it on business, a celebration or date night you’ll have an occasion you will never forget, roll on visit number two!


OOTD Sunday at a Gastro pub

Sunday was as Carrie would say ‘cheating on fashion with furniture!’ We went house shopping and I took lots of pics of divine glam furniture in the show homes. After trawling round I needed a Sunday afternoon chill out so we went to a pub we’ve hankered after a meal at for ages and we weren’t disappointed! More about the meal later but for now here’s a little OOTD post! I’m wearing Zara leggings and a long Zara tunic top, Next pumps that I featured a couple of weeks ago and my new coloured Aztec necklace to jazz up the black! Sunnies are of all the places from a magazine but a lovely one – Tatler you might be able to still get them!



OOTD for my day out in Liverpool

For the sunny summers day out in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago I wore my green Pri’marni’ top which was around £12.00. Now much as my blog is about luxury life and I LOVE the finer things in life I also appreciate a bargain! If you like wearing different and new things as much as I do it is a good idea to mix in some high street items with designer buys. My favourite necklace of the moment that has had a number of outings from Next £12.00. Black skinny jeans from Topshop that are a real staple of mine (not shown) Next pumps (not shown) grey bag mega old from Top Shop and Tag Heuer Aquaracer in silver that is one of my all time fave accessories! I’m not sure why I don’t wear it more often. Oh and the best accessory of all a strawberry belini!




Happy Birthday Cheryl Cole

There is a bit of a celeb theme at the moment for birthday flowers. However probably not the type you or I are used to. For me I have probably had 50 roses in one go, maximum.

Oh no these celebs get numbers made of flowers or whole rooms filled with rose’s, but hey why not!

Those flowers look wonderful as does the red velvet cake (yum!)

I love celebrating my birthday in style so am taking note!